Riviere Rugs For Zoffany

For Zoffany’s inaugural rug collection, esteemed British rug maker Riviere has teamed up with the interiors brand to produce six stunning rugs based on designs from the Zoffany archive.When two brands with the highest regard for craftsmanship collaborate, truly beautiful products are created. These six stunning rugs have been painstakingly hand knotted in Nepal using the finest grade Tibetan wool and Botanic silk.


An unusual interpretation of the Zoffany
monogram, jigsawed and placed to create this abstract artwork.
The beauty lies in the simplicity of this Design, the minimalist
pattern is highlighted with the play of pile heights and
textures. Low loop Tibetan wool and silk background juxtapose
raised wool and silk cut pile, meticulously hand trimmed.


Transparent clouds slightly obscure a full moon on
this dramatic design, originally created using
highly pigmented pastels put down in layers and
then sanded to create a textural ground. Woven
with a combination of textures to create delicate
painterly shadows and silken highlights.


two new looks


Now available in Mono and Chalk, Jigsaw is a statement abstract rug design featuring an inverted Zoffany monogram, produced with the finest quality Tibetan wool and silk.
Chalk Riviere rug


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