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Arcadian Weaves is a deeply luxurious collection of upholstery weaves, woven in Italy for an exemplary finish, and named after the heraldic beasts of Hampton Court

Zoffany’s skill for designing with one hand in the past and one reaching out to the future of design, is reflected in the exemplary fabrics of the Arcadian Weaves collection. Sourced from a heritage mill with which we have a long and illustrious partnership, Arcadian Weaves is a compact yet mighty range of hardwearing, coordinating fabrics with an exceptional rub for residential and hospitality projects.

With an eye on the needs of the interior designer and architect of today, these weaves represent a staple in any designer’s toolkit. Hardwearing, tactile and extremely useable, each design, of which there are four, has been taken from documents in our archive but in an interesting twist, have been developed with the Italian mill, on the loom. This has created the exceptional quality, density and performance capability of the weave, while maintaining and elevating the archive designs, we sought to deliver in this collection.

Never holding back in our quest for absolute quality in our fabrics, with Arcadian Weaves, the performance of every design was paramount. The rub on each weave carries a Martindale score of 45000, ensuring that each design can withstand the highest traffic environments and be used with absolute confidence in contract and hospitality projects.

Each design, so named after a Heraldic Beast of Hampton Court Palace, has been expertly woven in a considered range of colours, so that every design works well, not just as a coordinate for Arcadian Thames, but across the entire Zoffany portfolio. These are weaves with enduring beauty and outstanding woven qualities.

Seymour Spot, named after Jane Seymour, is represented by the Seymour Panther in Henry VIII’s Privy Garden at Hampton Court Palace. Wonderfully hardwearing and adorned with characterful spots, this small-scale weave is available in six diverse colourways.


Tudor Damask is a lively, scallop design in a small but provocative scale. The scallop itself contains a miniature fleur-de-lis motif, carried by the White Greyhound at Richmond in Hampton Court. This statue, representing loyalty and honour, was used by the House of Lancaster and Edmund Tudor.


Hanover Stripe reflects a departure from the small-scale designs of its contemporary weaves. Inspired by a Kilim rug from Central Asia, this is a heavyweight woven stripe with exquisite detailing.


By no means last, Dragon Flamestitch is a fiery design of undulating vertical stitching. So named after the Red Dragon of Wales, Dragon Flamestitch combines excellent weave technique with incredibly durability.


The Italian mill where this collection came to life is exquisite. A heritage mill, entrenched in its own history, they were the private weavers for the Habsburgs, Austrian rulers and one of Europe’s most prominent dynasties in history.

Zoffany has worked closely with the mill for over 30 years and this established relationship ensures the quality of the yarn is paramount for this hardworking weave.

Arcadian Weaves symbolises Zoffany’s dedication to creating depth and versatility for designers and architects. With exemplary Martindale scores and superlative textures, specifying these weaves can be done with confidence for residential settings and hospitality projects.

posted on 11 Aug 2023 in Interiors

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