Verdure by Melissa White for Zoffany


Celebrating 10 years of Verdure, a grown up fairy tale in a near fantastical setting.

Zoffany’s relationship with bespoke artist and QEST scholar, Melissa White, spans more than a decade, beginning in 2012 with our commission of Verdure, an early 18th century-inspired mural.

Lush verdure tapestries depicting leaves and trees were woven throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, but a more affordable version painted on linen was an accessible alternative. At the peak of their popularity these ‘stayned’ linen cloths were nailed floor to ceiling, wrapping entire rooms in decorative design.

Verdures paved the way for artists to create their own interpretations, using traditional design elements in alternative ways. Also known as ‘water works’ by virtue of their very thin, diluted paints, the fabric’s weave can be seen underneath the paint, alluding to its more expensive tapestry influences.

Peter Gomez, lead designer at Zoffany explains, “Zoffany’s Verdure fabric offers a unique combination of historical references, artisanal skills and modern technology. Digitally printed, it sets the benchmark of how pioneering production methods meet with art, to create something that’s both aesthetically magical and stands the test of time.”

Melissa continues, “Depicting lush pastoral landscapes, churches and waterfalls, Verdure presents a relaxing pictorial scene. I created the artwork using traditional paints with natural pigments, such as raw sienna and burnt umber, to keep colourways authentic. Far from being challenging to the eye, natural tones are comfortable to live with and representative of our surroundings.”

Printed on 100% Irish linen and available in three colourways, Verdure is versatile choice. Tapestry Green introduces an exciting new perspective to a traditional design story, with its red and copper highlights providing vibrant accent choices. For a more contemporary feel, Lead Blue and Indigo look incredible paired with aluminium.


“It’s a constant joy to see Verdure in so many different contexts”, says Melissa. “Over the last 10 years, people have become increasingly brave, with the design now used in a multitude of settings, including modern spaces, hotels and grand rooms. Painterly and flat, Verdure is beautifully balanced, and without dominating features, it’s easy to live with too.”

Verdure is also available as a wide non-woven wallcoverings.

posted on 27 Apr 2023 in Interiors

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