Hampton Embroidery | A contemporary view of Jacobean artistry

Embroiderer, visual storyteller, mixed-media artist. We introduce guest designer Livia Papiernik, the expert hand behind Hampton Embroidery.

A graduate of both London’s esteemed Royal College of Art and subsequently The Royal School of Needlework, Livia’s unique style blends poetic visual storytelling, honouring timeless craft and technique, with a mindful eye on contemporary themes and motifs. Livia’s detailed craft is highly decorative and uses a combination of advanced stitching techniques, always respecting the origins of this beautiful textile skill.

A mixed-media artists, Livia works at the intersection of paint, patchwork and embroidery to create work with impact and wonderment. It is her explorative nature as an artist that makes her work so unique, looking at thew light and the shade of references to achieve beautifully detailed and intricately threaded results.

Livia’s piece, Hampton Embroidery, is a defining part of the Arcadian Thames collection. An exquisite blend of pattern, threaded with storytelling, it pays homage to Jacobean embroidery and the heraldic beast statues that decorate Hampton Court Palace, the embroidery’s namesake.

Brought to life like a tapestry of old, it is Livia’s bold storytelling capabilities, through visual mediums, that has captured the old and new in a vine-like swirling of colour, creatures and craftmanship.


Pushing the boundaries of embroidery in contemporary settings, Livia’s extraordinary talents to come the fore with bold mythical motifs sitting in harmony with delicate tendrils and medieval floral detailing. It is the use of our primary colours in muted regal tones that grounds this embroidery of riches to its past, from unicorn to dragon, these creatures are perched on trailing vines and sat in the spaces in between, making for a masterful piece of embroidery that is connected to history in a timeless manner. Hampton Embroidery is a design that will stand the test of time.

posted on 23 Jun 2023 in Interiors

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